Our beautiful kittens with the best characters...

Alex Alija 3.weeks (seal colorpoint)

Ennie Alija 1,5 months (seal bicolor)

Candy Alija 2. months (seal bicolor)

Daphne Alija 4. months (blue cream bicolor)

                  Charlie Alija 3. months. (seal bicolor)

                 Ennie Alija 3. months. (seal bicolor)

Benjamin Alija 2. months (seal bicolor)a Bubble Alija (seal mitted)

Bubble Alija 3. months (seal mitted)

Dixie Alija 3. months (seal bicolor)

Charlie Alija (seal bicolor)

Daphne Alija 3,5 months (blue tortie bicolor)

Dale Alija 3.weeks (red mitted)

Annie Alija 3 months (seal bicolor)

Dr. Pepper Alija 2. měsíce (cream mitted)